EleVee comes with a modern living lifestyle support. In each corner of the public space, you can locate various facilities for you to create your own enjoyable moments every time you are here.


World-Class Facilities

EleVee provides the spaces for quiet retreat and modern living lifestyle support to encourage you to live a balanced life and combat the stresses and strains of bustling city life. At EleVee, you can wake up to lush greenery outside your window, breathe the fresh air produced by thousands of trees in the forest park around you, and enjoy complete facilities in the luxury of your own home.  EleVee encourages you to have some fun and do your hobbies at these facilities as well as building communities related to your interests.

You can even bring more happiness to your home by taking care of some furry little friends since EleVee is the first pet friendly apartment with extensive pet garden in Indonesia. We put some extraordinary facilities at the refuge floor to take living well to a new level. The refuge floor overlooks the city skyline, providing the perfect setting for entertaining friends or simply enjoying the breeze.

Take Your Stress Away


Sustainability is not only manifested in terms of the ecological, economic, and social environment but also in terms of improving the quality of life of every human being. In this day and age, stress and anxiety are more common due to various environmental factors and sometimes we need to rest and replenish our energies, be mindful, and live in the present moment. From meditation to gardening, EleVee offers you superb places to unwind

  • Sunken Meditation Alcoves
    Hop in and enjoy some quiet and peaceful moments in your life. The Meditation Alcove is designed among beautiful lotus ponds to let you enjoy your quality me time.


  • Sky Yoga Deck
    Start your day with a few sets of sun salutation while enjoying a magnificent city view from the top. This facility is located at the Refuge Floor.


  • Sculpture Court
    Lies in-between open spaces and tall trees, the sculpture park lets you sit and enjoy the breeze or jog around the park as you listen to the chirping birds.


  • Flower and Community Garden
    Our community garden is a beautiful social project. Not only it provides an organic plant that you can sponsor, but it also allows you to experiment on vegetable planting practice.

Keep Your Furry Friends Happy

Finding the right environment for your pet is very essential. EleVee welcomes your pet with one pet-friendly tower and gives them the best environment with a spacious pet yard where they can be so close to nature while happily play with you.

  • Pet Yard

EleVee’s pet yard is specially designed for your pets to happily run and jump around. You surely will burn some calories too while playing with your beloved pets and feel the nature.


Break A Sweat


Given the increasing social and environmental challenges we face, it’s time for sports to tap into its true potential. Sports can be utilized for improving communities and engaging youth in driving positive impact. Moreover, we all are familiar with this Latin phrase “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body). Many researches have proved that physical exercise is an essential part of mental and psychological well-being. Therefore, EleVee provides you excellent facilities for your physical activities.

  • Indoor Gym
    An indoor gym looking at the beautiful garden will undoubtedly boost your spirit every time you are trying to build your muscles.

  • Sky Gym

There's a cantilevered fitness center, where you can get your blood pumping high above the ground while looking out over sublime views. This facility is located at the Refuge Floor

  • Multi-court Lawn
    Chase the balls and enjoy some fun time with your family and friends at EleVee’s tennis and basketball court.

Have Fun with Your Family

During the early years of life and the formative years of schooling, children organize incoming information into something that makes sense to their worldview. Some researches claimed that role modeling, mentoring, and sustainable practice, by outdoor educators and using outdoor experiences, can inspire pro-environmental behavior. 

  • Sky Mini Formula
    Let your kids feel the adrenaline rush as they drive on mini formula tracks. This facility is located at the Refuge Floor.

  • Water Splash Garden
    Our children playground provides energy-burning activity tools and a beautiful dancing fountain.

  • Sky Putting Green Area
    Play some fun golf with your family here. It might be a beginning to become a professional. This facility is located at the Refuge Floor.

  • Sky Outdoor Cinema
    Enjoy some fun time as you and your family and friends can watch some blockbuster with Dolby sound here. This facility is located at the Refuge Floor.


Splash Some Water


It is proven that swimming is a great way to escape our busy lives and has a positive impact on our mental health and well-being. Don’t worry, EleVee has several kinds of pool suitable for all your needs.

  • Infinity Pool
    This is a beautiful and exclusive place for you to enjoy plunging into the water and spend your quality moment.

  • Lap Pool
    Serious swimming is welcome here. EleVee provides a long lap pool with beautiful tall trees around it so you can burn some calories and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

  • Recreation Pool
    Because water is fun, we design beautiful recreation spaces for everyone to enjoy. You can barbeque here, splash some water, and make up some lost time with your dear family.

Work and Meet People

One of the things we learned from the recent pandemic is the fact that staying at home reduces carbon footprints. Instead of using our car five or six times a week to go to work, we can do everything from home. So if your work allows it, why don’t you just continue living such lifestyle? In EleVee, it’s possible because we provide spaces where you can work and meet people.

  • Co-Working Space
    When you need some time for your work or a simple meeting, a well-designed dedicated business space is provided.

  • Rooftop Lounge and BBQ
    An exclusive lounge is provided for you at the peak of the tower. Maybe a particular proposal is needed too.


The EleVee Promenade Shopping Arcade

Whether you want to chill after work, do some shopping, or eat out with your loved ones, there’s no need to take the transportation at all because you can do so at The EleVee Promenade Shopping Arcade. EleVee offers a welcome retreat from the city bustle without sacrificing convenience. Lies just in the backyard of the residence, the shopping arcade is a burgeoning independent shopping scene, a thriving cafe culture, and scores of organic, gourmet food outlets and bakeries.

  • Shopping Arcade
    Here you can get everything you need for daily life without leaving EleVee.

  • Forest Cafe
    With greenery inside and outside the cafe, this artistic cafe will attract many young professionals.

Developed By

Elevee Penthouses & Residences is a premium residential apartment surrounded by a lush expanse of urban forest offered by Alam Sutera Group. Elevee came from the concept of a balance between nature and humans to manifest the high quality of life.







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